The costs involved in purchasing a septic tank depends on:

  • The size of the septic tank you need
  • The brand of septic tank you purchase
  • The depth you require the septic tank to sit in the ground

Septic tanks cost less than sewage treatment systems because they offer little biological sewage treatment. They settle and partially digest settled sewage which requires regular de-sludging, and the wastewater is discharged into a soakaway system which allows the ground to provide further treatment via soil bacteria.

At RA Dalton, we supply Klargester septic tanks in varying sizes including the Alpha onion-shaped tank and the Sigma shallow-dig tank.

Each style of tank has its own benefits, and depends on your site, usage and budget. For advice on which tank is most appropriate for your needs, contact us on 01388 537030 or email us at

Please note: septic tanks will not give the required water quality to allow discharge to a stream/river/surface water drain. Following purchase of your septic tank, you will need to organise a soakaway to be installed on site to enable effective drainage of waste water, and you will also need to arrange annual emptying to prevent build-up of sludge. You may wish to consider a sewage treatment system which provides effective treatment of effluent, and enables waste water to be discharge to a stream/ditch/watercourse.