Our range of septic tanks come with a standard lockable access cover and frame that can be opened with a key to enable access for emptying/servicing. Suitable covers should always be placed completely over a septic tank, capable of withstanding weight and locked to avoid children or animals being able to access the tank, and should not be corroded or damaged.

The ‘onion’ shaped Klargester tanks have one cover, whereas the Klargester Sigma Shallow-Dig tanks have two covers.

We can also supply the Klargester manhole cover and frame, a galvanised manhole lid and black plastic deep frame – suitable for pedestrian loading and for use with 460mm neck tanks. The frame has a unique integral safety grid to prevent children entering the tank, and lifting keys are supplied.

We also supply a standard Manhole Cover and Frame, which measures 600mm x 600mm and is a galvanised pedestrian-duty cover set in a shallow black plastic frame.

For heavy-duty covers suitable for vehicle loading, give us a call on 01388 537030 with your specifications and we will do our best to source these for you. We receive regular enquiries about the ‘old-style’ Klargester oval/rugby ball shaped galvanised cover, which has unfortunately now been discontinued and replaced with the standard cover and frame above.