Servicing your separator/oil interceptor on a regular basis is important to safeguard businesses that handle and store oil/other potentially hazardous materials – such as petrol station forecourts, haulage yards and car parks – from flooding and environmental pollution.

Separators are designed to trap harmful substances before they can contaminate the surrounding environment, but if the systems are not serviced and become blocked, apart from the risk of pollution, flooding can also be a major problem as water is unable to run off-site.

Separator maintenance, including separator cleaning, is also essential for legislative reasons. The Environment Agency Standard, PPG3, and the European Standard, EN858-2, both emphasise that separators should be serviced at least twice a year and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

We have a highly-experienced team of engineers who can supply, install and provide ongoing servicing of separators, including bypass, full retention and forecourt separators, to the highest standards. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing ongoing servicing and maintenance, and our engineers are Kingspan/Klargester accredited and British Water registered.

To make servicing easy, all parts of the separator that have to be regularly maintained must be accessible at all times. Our Servicing Engineers will:

  • Physically inspect the integrity of the separator and all mechanical parts
  • Assess the depth of accumulated oil and silt
  • Service all electrical equipment, including alarms and separator management system.
  • Check the condition of any coalescing device and replace it if necessary

Some heavily used or high-risk sites might require more frequent inspections. You must keep a detailed log of when the separator is inspected, maintained, emptied and serviced. Also record specific events relating to the separator system such as cleaning, repairs, accidents and incidents, which is helpful if there are any investigations from the Environment Agency or SEPA in the future.

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