It is important that your system is correctly installed, commissioned and maintained to ensure that everything is safe, secure and working correctly.

Whoever you choose to use for installation, the process will involve:

  • Excavation of soil (the inlet drainage dictates the burial depth of the tank)
  • Selection of discharge point (direct to watercourse/drainage field) and pipework connected following the tank being installed in the ground
  • Full surround backfilling in concrete
  • Power supply required for sewage treatment systems (to power motors/blowers)

Using an accredited installer gives peace of mind to the customer that the process will be efficient, safe and professional. After your tank is installed, you need to consider other options available:

*Commissioning – the purpose of commissioning any vessel is to competently check the mechanical and electrical installation of the system. This essential procedure is a pre-requisite to ensure the system will operate correctly, effectively and safely. It can also help with any future warranty claims, as an incorrect installation, which can be identified at a commissioning visit, could invalidate any manufacturer’s warranty and in turn may leave you with the expense of repairing the fault.

*Servicing – regular servicing of your system is important to ensure everything is running to its maximum efficiency. Our trained engineers deliver an efficient and professional service, are accredited by Klargester and are British Water registered. An RA Dalton Ltd. service contract allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you have cover 365 days a year. We have an engineer on call every day for all emergency calls, and an emergency helpline with someone available to speak to you 24/7.

*Emptying – we offer nationwide waste collection services through our network of tankering providers. We can ensure your vessel is emptied (de-sludged) on a scheduled and regular basis, which will ensure the system is running to maximum efficiency and also that it remains compliant with environmental regulation. The usage of your septic tank/sewage treatment system dictates the frequency that emptying will be required, and your engineer will also be able to advise when emptying will be required following a service.

We can offer commissioning, servicing and emptying to cover all your maintenance needs, giving you confidence that your system will provide the longevity and efficiency our customers expect. To discuss any of the above options, give us a call on 01388 537030 or email