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Dundee Bound with the Klargester Bioficient 3

In December 2019 our Scottish based contracts manager Chris Brand was asked to attend a property near Carnoustie, Dundee. The 5 bedroom property was been served with a failing septic tank; the baffle had collapsed, and the tank was starting to ‘pop’ out of the ground.

Based on the population requirements and installation area it was recommended that the Klargester Bioficient 3 sewage treatment plant was installed. With stringent requirements for the treatment plant having something capable of dealing with the effluent quality levels.

The Klargester Bioficient 3.

The domestic Klargester Bioficient sewage treatment plants are the ideal system to install at a shallower depth, the design of the tank means that there is minimal visual impact with the low profile access lid.

All the domestic Bioficient sewage treatment plants are BS EN 12566-3 certified; the systems are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are watertight, structurally stable, durable and have sufficient capacity to effectively handle the treatment requirements.

This sewage treatment system was being installed at the front elevation of the property, bordering the driveway. It was therefore vital that there was precautions put in place to avoid any vehicles trafficking over the lid, all lids that were installed in the driveway were Vehicle duty and to protect the green lid and blower a railway sleeper was installed to act as a barrier for the system.

Discharges to the watercourse and a seasonal soakaway.

The proposed outlet for the new treatment plant ran 80m down the neighbouring field and into the local watercourse, as there was a chance that this could dry up during the summer months the criteria for a seasonal soakaway was added.

Going the extra mile for the requirements the lads set away first thing Monday morning, travelling 5 hours to north of Dundee working tirelessly through the week and even into Saturday to ensure the job was done in a week.