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Venture into the wet and wild west with a Clenviro CLF3

This time of year often causes complications with wild weather conditions, so far in this brief winter we have encountered rainfall to challenge a monsoon, icy conditions that would make even penguins shiver and even the dreaded white stuff making an appearance!

To combat this, you must always be equipped for the worst and in certain areas this is more likely to cause issues.  To be prepared is the best road to success and allows our installation teams to overcome any challenges they encounter, and for one of our recent installations it certainly aimed to keep us on our toes!

Shoring and high-water table.

November is often one of our more turbulent months for weather conditions and this year did not disappoint! One of our teams started an installation of a new Clenviro CLF3 Matrix package sewage treatment plant in Lancashire and when we say the heavens opened they certainly poured leaving our excavations full to the brim with water.

To add complication the ground conditions were less than favourable, and it was soon determined that to stabilise the excavation we have to use a temporary steel ground stabilisation to ensure the ground does not cave in and also to protect our team – health and safety is always of utmost importance.

Installation of the new sewage treatment plant.

Not to shy away from the task at hand we soon arranged for the relevant equipment and machinery to be delivered to site, a submersible pump was then used to lower the water table enough to allow the new tank to be installed in a dry concrete surround.

It was more vital than ever to ensure that the right concrete mix was used as if the water content was too high in the aggregates and combined with the already present water it would have been near enough impossible to keep the new unit installed with the water pressure pushing the system out of the ground.

The Clenviro CLF3 Matrix IPS package sewage treatment plant.

During the initial quotation phase of the project our contracts manager Andrew Hill proposed to install a Clenviro CLF3 matrix package sewage treatment plant to suit the application, this system was sized to suit the cottages and is the equivalent of an 18-population unit. This is system is also one of the favourites for our installation teams to install, the cylindrical shape makes for an easier installation and certainly helped when battling against the ground conditions.

This system was also installed to replace a failed septic tank and soakaway, it was no real surprise as to why the soakaway had failed! The installation of a new sewage treatment plant bypassed the requirement for a new drainage field to be installed as the percolation tests would have never passed Building control standards. We therefore decided to quote to install a new sewage treatment plant with a discharge to the watercourse.

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