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A glimpse inside the Pedrollo Factory

In a world where the manufacturing process often remains hidden behind closed doors, there are few experiences as enlightening as visiting a manufacturing facility that prides itself on its commitment to excellence. Such an opportunity unfolded when we had the opportunity to step inside the Pedrollo factory.

History of Pedrollo Pumps

Setting a foot into Pedrollo land, it was instantly apparent that this was no ordinary manufacturing plant.

Pedrollo has an incredibly impressive history, beginning only 50 years ago when Silvano Pedrollo started the company by selling pumps in developing nations, in poorer countries where the right balance between quality and price is very important.

The company now sells its products in over 160 countries. Family is still at the bedrock of Pedrollo values.

Investment in Research and Development

Imagine a scene from Ex Machina, as we approached the research and development lab of Pedrollo, men and women in full coverall PPE glide from room to room transporting cutting-edge prototype designs from the 3D printer lab to the inspection station.

This phase is where the seeds of a great product are sown, as the team works to develop solutions that meet the needs of customers while adhering to the highest standards of quality. The company invests more than 15% of its revenue in innovation and R&D.

The group now gets 60% of its energy consumption from green energy, with a medium-term target of 100%.

Precision Manufacturing & Quality Control

A hand full of highly skilled workers oversee and operate state-of-the-art robotic machinery to craft the various parts that make up Pedrollo’s renowned pumps.

Every part of a Pedrollo pump is manufactured by Pedrollo under the same set of rigorous standards set by the company. Every component and assembly then undergoes rigorous testing. From pressure checks to performance assessments, no product leaves the factory until it meets Pedrollo’s exacting standards.

Their unwavering commitment to quality extends into every component of the products they manufacture. You might find that other pump manufacturers outsource their motor, whereas Pedrollo keep this completely in house to ensure its quality.

Pedrollo have a level of dedication and precision that’s often elusive in the manufacturing world. When you witness the processes with your own eyes, it becomes abundantly clear that the commitment to quality is unwavering, setting a standard that many can aspire to but few can achieve.

In their pursuit of excellence, Pedrollo has set a shining example that demonstrates how true quality is perfected at every step of the manufacturing process.

Packaging & Distribution

The final step of the process requires packing the products for distribution. Every pump is carefully prepared for its journey to customers around the world.

Although Pedrollo prefers to ship full pallets of one specific pump, our UK Distributer has the flexibility to select a pix-a-mix of Pedrollo products according to demand by UK Installers which is a testament to the level of communication that is upheld throughout the Pedrollo distribution network.

RA Dalton X Pedrollo

Our RA Dalton wastewater engineers have been supplying, installing and maintaining Pedrollo pumps on sewage treatment systems and pumping stations all over the UK for over 7 years now. The results are undeniable.

Better pumps = fewer breakdowns and happier customer.

The manufacturers factory experience revealed how, from innovative design to precision manufacturing, rigorous quality control, skilled craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, each step of the process is imbued with a commitment to excellence.

When you see this dedication firsthand, it becomes evident that Pedrollo’s products are not just pumps but a testament to the art of quality manufacturing.

Credit to Pedrollo UK Distribution team and Pedrollo Italy for facilitation such an eye opening opportunity and unique experience for a couple of lasses from Co. Durham. A special thanks must go to Giorgio and Tadhg.

Tadhg, your exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to navigate challenging circumstances were admirable. Your calm demeanor and quick thinking put us immediately at ease.

Georgio, your warm and welcoming personality added a special touch to our experience. Your enthusiasm for places we visited and your insightful recommendations made our trip even more enjoyable.

You both went above and beyond, and it’s clear that you are not just excellent professionals but also genuinely caring individuals. Our journey would not have been the same without your extraordinary efforts.

Withholding photos of wine and Carbonara.

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