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Building control sign off on your wastewater system

Whenever you are carrying out any type of building work on your property, whether it is building an extension, replacing a window or installing a new sewage treatment plant it is important to remember that the works should be carried out under a building notice.

It is within our standard scope of works to install any sewage treatment plant/ septic tank/ drainage field under a building notice whether this is submitted and handled by ourselves or by the client.

Although we are experts in our field and are confident that any works we undertake are done in line with current rules, regulations and guidance, having the work inspected by an independent authority provides peace of mind that the work has been checked over and certified.

Wastewater regulations and ensuring compliance.

Dependant on the required scope of works usually a building inspector will look to attend a sewage treatment plant/ septic tank installation at least twice. The first inspection will be carried out whilst the work is in progress and usually the inspector will like to see some drainage prior to backfill and the tank surrounded in concrete.

For simple domestic applications the next visit is usually the completion inspection prior to being able to sign off the works. On this visit the inspector usually likes to see the system functioning as designed.

Some justification may need to be provided to building control such as additional installation photos, details on the system installed, any required electrical certificates and if necessary additional reports such as percolation tests or CCTV survey reports.

Entrusting the work to the professionals

It is the job of Building control to ensure that you are having the correct system installed and this has been done in line with current rules, regulations and as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. A lot of what is held within these documents would be considered an industry norm however you would be surprised how many times we have encountered situations where people expect gravity outfall to run uphill.

Using our in depth industry knowledge there are not many hurdles we can’t overcome, it is outlined within the Building Regulations Part H document what they hope to overcome with any wastewater system. The requirements of what building control are looking for in your new sewage treatment plant is:

Wastewater treatment systems and cesspools

H2. (1) Any septic tank and its form of secondary treatment, other wastewater treatment system or cesspool shall be sited and constructed that:

  • It is not prejudicial to the health of any person;
  • It will not contaminate any watercourse, underground water or water supply;
  • There are adequate means of access for emptying and maintenance; and
  • Where relevant, it will function to a sufficient standard for the protection of health in the event of a power failure.

(2) Any septic tank, holding tank which is part of a wastewater treatment system or cesspool shall be:

(a) of adequate capacity;

(b) so constructed that it is impermeable to liquids;


(c) adequately ventilated.

(3) Where a foul water drainage system from a building discharges to a septic tank, wastewater treatment system or cesspool, a durable notice shall be affixed in a suitable place in the building containing information on any continuing maintenance required to avoid risks to health.

Building Regulations Part H Document, Guidance document

To ensure that all the boxes are ticked on your installation please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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