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Future proofing with a Klargester design

Over the past few years, as more and more people are opting to spend their holidays in the UK, we have found a number of holidays have been looking at expansion to accommodate for more seasonal footfall. For a lot of these sites further consideration needs to be taken in relation to the existing services on site.

Regardless of what kind of expansion is being undertaken, the foul water set up on site needs to be checked as sufficient to account for any additional occupancy, this effects the peak flow rates and subsequently the required design.

Environment Agency compliance

We recently worked alongside a nationwide Holiday Park operator to look at the foul drainage system in place on a site they had recently acquired in the Peak district, over the past few years a number of additional pitches had been added with minimal consideration given for the wastewater system in place.

The site was being served by an archaic septic tank and non-functioning concrete filter bed; the system was not only undersized but was not operating to the standard outlined in the Environment Agency permit, therefore works needed to be undertaken to bring this site back within compliance.

From failed septic tank to compliant treatment plant

Looking at the specification requirements for this site, as a Klargester accredited installer we worked alongside the manufacturer to build a comprehensive wastewater design to account not only for what is already on site but also an allowance for any potential future expansion.

Due to the costs associated with installing these units, having a safety blanket to factor in any potential growth is always a good idea and you certainly don’t want to be replacing the sewage treatment plant every couple of years.

The design for this site was built in accordance with the Environment agency stipulations, the specified systems were specifically design to provide the operational efficiency required.

Our proposed scope of works was to install a new forward feed balance tank and 2 no. new Klargester BN BioDisc package sewage treatment plants.

The Klargester BN BioDisc

At the present time the BN BioDisc is the largest sewage treatment plant Klargester currently manufacture, this system is designed to handle a daily flow of up to 60m3 per day. These units are a monumental 13.1 metre long x 2.45 metre wide and are approximately 3 metre deep dependant on the invert depth installed.

We have selected this unit to suit the site for a number of beneficial factors:

  • Minimal operational noise – less disruption is caused on site compared to the aeration alternative, a correctly operating Commercial BioDisc has been compared to that of a modern refrigerator.
  • Odourless operation – another advantage of installing the BioDisc is that the rotating biological contactors maintain living Biomass with less agitation to the actual effluent meaning less smells are generated as a result.
  • High effluent standard – this system is highly adaptable and can be adjusted in line with the British water code of practise flows and loads, the design can be adjusted to achieve the effluent quality required to comply with the EA.
  • Low operation costs – whilst the BioDisc may come with a larger initial outlay, the higher price tag is off set by significantly lower power consumption meaning a visible saving will be achieved over the estimated life expectancy of the system.

All of these factors make the BioDisc the ultimate system to serve this Holiday Park, the new wastewater set up was designed to ensure a long-term solution which is a priority not only for our commercial customers but our domestic ones too!

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