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No need to dig deep with this Klargester installation!

In the spring months of 2021, our Contracts manager attended a property in Perth and Kinross which was receiving complaints from a neighbouring property regarding smells from the discharge of their septic tank.

The 4-bedroom property was served by a circa 3,800 litre septic tank located in the garden, the discharge at one point had run under the road into the field adjacent and into what was now a failed soakaway, this had then been redirected with a direct discharge to the stream.

Our proposal was to completely rework the inlet drainage on site from the underside of the property and install a new package sewage treatment plant with the old outlet being utilised to discharge to the watercourse.

The Klargester BA BioDisc

The system we provided an estimate to install was the Klargester BA BioDisc, this system is one of our favourite systems, whilst not the cheapest on the market the BioDisc is one of the best systems in relation to running costs, maintenance, and effluent quality.

Whilst the majority of domestic treatment plants use aeration to treat the system the BioDisc is an RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) unit, Klargester have detailed the process as follows:

“The Breakdown Process

Wastewater and sewage flow into the primary settlement zone where solids are settled out and retained. This accumulated sludge should be drawn out periodically.

Partially clarified liquor containing fine suspended solids flows upwards into the first stage Biozone for breaking down by micro-organisms on the RBC.

Suspended solids return to the primary settlement zone and the liquor is transferred to the second stage Biozone for further treatment.

Any solids remaining are settled out in the final settlement tank. The resulting very high-quality effluent can be discharged to a watercourse.”

Installation of the new BioDisc

The first phase to the installation was to build an access ramp into site, the property and surrounding gardens were built on a higher elevation than the road below. Once into the property a number of boards were laid from the ramp to the installation location for the machine to track over and hopefully limit the visual impact of heavy machinery travelling across the lawn.

 Due to the topography of the land, it was possible to rework the inlet drainage whilst maintaining an appropriate degree of fall, this meant that the new Klargester BA BioDisc could be installed at a shallower invert. Not only did our engineers need to redirect the pipework from underneath the property but we needed to core through the wall to ensure the right levels were obtained.

Once the new system had been installed the machinery was carefully removed from site with all the turf relayed and site left to a machine finish.

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