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Refurbishment of a Klargester BB BioDisc.

Here at R A Dalton we carry out a number of remedial works to sewage treatment plants and pump stations alike, the exact scope of works can vary from a small change of parts to the larger scale refurbishments.

All works are carried out by our competent and experienced servicing team whom with their wealth of knowledge can help identify what is required to ensure your system is working to optimum efficiency.

If your sewage treatment plant hasn’t been working for some time it is likely that excessive works may be required, our first port of call for these sites is to arrange for one of our service engineers to attend site to carry out a diagnostic call out.

This helps our office to pull together a detailed and comprehensive quotation with the most accurate scope of works we are able to provide with the information supplied.

Here are two examples of Klargester BB BioDiscs that have been left in a state of disrepair and details of what works were needed to bring them in line with manufactural standards.

Domestic remedials – Klargester BB BioDisc

Upon initial diagnostic call out it was clear that the system had not been running for some time, the levels within the unit were high and the sludge build up was beginning to cause major issues.

It was clear that a number of mechanical parts had failed, and to bring the system to the manufacturer’s design work needed to be undertaken. Corrosion was evident on the drive chain, top and bottom sprockets and due to a retaining plate being installed upside down by a previous contractor the front bearing had become unevenly worn and misaligned.

It was also clear that due to a number of issues that had not been addressed, the motor gearbox had also failed, all of this left the system non-operational and acting as a septic tank rather than a sewage treatment plant.

Following the inspection our engineer advised that a return visit with 2 men would be required, an empty would need to be carried out by the customer on the morning of works being scheduled in and the following parts needed to be replaced:

  •  ‘U’ Bolts for the media pack and main shaft.
  • Panasonic Motor gearbox.
  • Top Sprocket.
  • New 1/2″ simplex chain.
  • Back bearing
  • New lid locks.

It was anticipated that the repair works would take in the region of two hours, and the detailed inspection and associated photographs allowed the office team to  generate a comprehensive quotation to issue the customer.

Once the ‘go ahead’ had been received from the customer we were able to schedule the works in. Once on site our engineers first removed the discs from the system and to do this the rusted ‘U’ bolts needed to be cut away.

The Disc was then pressure washed down to remove all the excess sludge build up, once the system had been fully emptied and washed down the back bearing was renewed, the disc was then put back in place. The new motor gearbox and top sprocket were installed, the new drive chain was then lubricated and tensioned.

Once happy all the required parts were installed the system was then switched on and tested, this allowed the engineer to check the system was operating as designed. The new lid locks were then installed, and site was left secure.



Commercial remedials – Klargester BB BioDisc

This was another unit that had been left to disrepair, it was clear that the unit had not been working for a long time as the sludge build up throughout the system was preventing water flowing through and what did reach the outfall was untreated effluent.

This system required aa lot more work that the above unit and a full refurbishment was in order with nearly all the internal workings needing replacement. This even included the discs, control panel, motor gearbox, bearings and pulleys etc.

Due to the state of disrepair, it was difficult to determine just how much work was actually required as the levels of sludge/ solids obstructed the view of a lot of the mechanical parts.

Unlike the above job which was only going to take a couple of hour, this needed to be scheduled in for a whole day for 2 engineers, the indicative list of parts required were as follows:

  • New Panasonic Motor gearbox.
  • Klargester Capacitor box.
  • Klargester loss of rotation kit.
  • BioDisc top and bottom pulley.
  • Kingspan Control Panel
  • Nylon Bearings
  • Klargester low voltage beacon
  • Klargester stand to mount the control panel.

The entire inner workings of the BioDisc were needing replacing to bring the system back into compliance.

Regardless of the scale of works required, we have a team of service engineers for the job and attending sites prior to the work being undertaken allows us to confirm the scale of works required.



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