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Tailored solutions with Mobile treatment plants

Over the past couple of years, to ensure that we offer a solution for all of our customer’s wastewater needs we have included the supply and installation of mobile treatment plants within our usual scope of works. This can help a range of different sites for a multitude of different reasons.

Following the COVID 19 outbreak we saw a considerable increase in people opting to stay in the UK for their holidays, this subsequently put a lot of pressure on to the sites to be able to keep up with the higher than usual occupancy levels. This has led to sites needing to determine both a short-term and long-term solution.

Mobile treatment plants

Our new mobile treatment plants are designed to treat through a submerged aerated filter (SAF) system, these units are delivered to site already mobilised and ready to go.

The compartmental construct of the systems means that the process can be monitored and adjusted as required to suit the requirements for each individual application. The dissolved oxygen levels can easily be adjusted to suit the system requirements.

The reasoning for these systems being installed is to eliminate any pollution risks especially as a short-term solution. The main perks of these systems are they can be easily delivered and subsequently removed when no longer required.

Environment Agency Compliance

With increased occupancy levels a lot of existing sewage treatment plants have been struggling with the associated biological load, this has left them struggling to achieve compliance with the Environment agency permit.

Whilst a lot of these sites will be looking at a longer-term solution, this process is not normally straightforward and instant, we have found over the past couple of years that attaining a new EA Permit can take up to 12-18 months and realistically no work can be undertaken until this has been approved.

The Environment Agency application will determine what needs to be installed to meet their stipulations therefore unit a permit is sent through a new system cannot be ordered. This can mean the entire process could potentially take up to 2 years to complete (dependent on the size of the project).

Operation of the mobile units

The adaptability of the mobile units allows them to also be utilised to account for peak periods and can be instated during the spring/ summer months and then decommissioned in autumn.

Primarily these units will be installed after the primary settlement of the existing system on site where the modifiable aeration will improve the effluent quality before being reconnected back to the final settlement of the original system. This eases the pressure the in-situ plant is under and helps further improve effluent quality.

All servicing and emptying of these mobile treatment plants is tied in with the existing servicing contract, with the system being adjusted each time to ensure optimal efficiency is achieved.

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