RA Dalton 2023 Wrapped: Accreditations, Acquisitions & Achievements

As we close out 2023, it’s time to reflect on the year’s highlights. A big thank you to everyone who joined us on this journey. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or joined in later, your support means a lot. Here’s to all of you for reading and sharing in our experiences in 2023.

2023 Key Figures

Demand for Services

1,016 New Enquiries for Installation +17%

767 New Enquiries for Maintenance +45%


11,000+ pieces of equipment attended to

9,000+ Service Visits

5,000+ Service Customers +25%

Attended and resolve 100% of emergency call outs in the required time frame

Attended 100% of services within the month due

497 Samples Taken +42%


Total Installations 190

127 Sewage Treatment Systems Installed

34 Pump Stations Installed

11 Street Works Jobs

13 Connections to Sewer

12 Pipework Only Installs

52 Remedial Jobs

80% of Installs Completed without delay

98% Customers Satisfaction Rate

Transport and Drainage

5,804 Empties Arranged +14%

365 Jetting or CCTV Surveys Complete


342 Items of equipment calibrated (Lifting equipment, Gas monitors, confined space kits etc.) +55%

93 Training Courses attended +78%


8,336 Sales Orders Raised

8,940 Purchase Orders Raised


3,456 orders

2,711 customers

Online Store Sessions +44%

Returning customer rate +123%

Total Orders +23%

This year has witnessed significant growth and expansion within the RA Dalton team, as we warmly welcomed 13 new members to our workforce. We are bringing 2023 to a close with 67 valued employees. Our team will all be enjoying a well-deserved break over Christmas, and our offices will be closed from 22nd December 2023 to 2nd January 2024.

Achieving ISO14001: The International Standard for Environmental Management

This year marks a significant milestone for RA Dalton as we have successfully gained accreditation for ISO 14001, The International Standard for Environmental Management. Securing ISO 14001 accreditation, alongside our existing ISO 9001 certification, underscores our commitment to continual improvement and comprehensive professionalism. While ISO 9001 emphasises quality management, ISO 14001 focuses on environmental stewardship.

This duo of certifications reinforces our dedication to providing a holistic and responsible service. For our environmentally conscious clients, ISO 14001 is more than a credential; it’s a non-negotiable standard they seek in their service providers. This accreditation assures them that we not only meet but exceed the highest global benchmarks in environmental management.

Growing demand for Mobile Treatment Systems: On-the-Go Solutions for Temporary Site Challenges

This year has seen the demand for our mobile treatment systems skyrocket.

The mobile treatment unit’s adaptability enables them to address peak site periods, deployable during the spring/summer months and decommissioned in autumn. This flexibility has proven to be a saviour for numerous holiday parks across the UK grappling with heightened occupancy levels, making it challenging to comply with the Environment Agency permit for their original systems.

Whilst a lot of these sites will be looking at a longer-term solution, this process is not normally straightforward and instant, we have found over the past couple of years that attaining a new EA Permit can take up to 12-18 months and realistically no work can be undertaken until this has been approved.

As the demand for our mobile treatment stems continues to grow, our manufacturing team responsible for crafting mobile treatment systems is showing no signs of slowing down.

2023 Updates: New Environment Agency Rules for Small Sewage Discharges & Connecting to Mains

The Environment Agency has issued two new rules this year for new discharges that started on or after 2nd October that will affect how we design and quote new installations.

  1. “A new discharge shall not use the same outlet as any other discharge if the combined volume of those discharges would exceed the volumetric general binding rules thresholds for groundwater or surface water.”
  2. “A new discharge shall not be made to a discharge point within 50 meters of any other exempt groundwater activity or water discharge activity.”

The Environment Agency also brought in new septicity measures this year which homeowners and landlords should be made aware of as it is an added expense to the responsible proprietor which did not exist previously. Septicity can occur when foul drainage is sat in the rising main for a 6-hour period. This means that for most new connections to main sewer there must be a dosing system installed which releases a consistent flow of sodium nitrate or calcium nitrate through the pumping station and rising main to reduce septicity.

Key Account Management: Improving our working relationships.

In a strategic move to enhance communication and foster stronger working relationships, RA Dalton has placed a significant emphasis on the appointment of dedicated key account managers throughout this year. These managers play a pivotal role in ensuring that our clients receive the focused support they deserve.

By streamlining communication channels and ensuring a proactive approach to addressing client needs, we aim to strengthen our partnerships and deliver a more tailored and responsive service to our Key accounts in the coming year.

This year we found value in presenting tailored presentations to our key account customers. These sessions served as a powerful tool in enhancing our clients’ understanding of RA Dalton’s expertise and how we can address their specific wastewater needs. We look forward to more opportunities in 2024 to showcase the depth of our capabilities to new and existing customers.

Coming in 2024: Environmental Management System Key Account Portals

In response to the evolving needs of our clients, we are excited to announce the development of client portals designed to streamline document management and compliance. These portals serve as centralised repositories housing all essential documents such as waste transfer notes, service records and sample results required for adherence to Environment Agency permits.

This innovative solution not only ensures accessibility to critical information at any time but also facilitates a more organised and efficient approach to compliance monitoring. Clients will be able to conveniently access, review, and manage their documents within a secure online environment, promoting transparency and proactive compliance efforts.

New Clean Water Counterparts: RA Dalton Acquires Cornwall Business

Earlier this year RA Dalton acquired PFS (Helston), a distinguished Cornwall-based business specialising in the Design, Installation and Commissioning of:

  • Clean & Dirty Water Pumping Systems
  • Booster Pumps
  • Pressurisation Sets
  • Ultraviolet Filtration
  • Iron & Magnesium Removal Systems
  • pH Correction
  • Sewage and Effluent Pump Stations
  • Solar Powered Pumping Systems

This strategic move expands our capabilities and reinforces our commitment to providing comprehensive environmental solutions.

Supportive Suppliers: Klargester and Pedrollo Training

This year marked the first for many of our employees to have professional Klargester training. As we are Klargester accredited servicing and installation partners this was an invaluable experience that deepened and strengthened our knowledge and understanding of Klargester products.

In another collaborative effort to enhance product knowledge, Pedrollo generously extended an invitation to two of our dedicated employees for an enriching experience at their factory in Italy. This exclusive tour provided our team with firsthand insights into Pedrollo’s innovative products, manufacturing processes, and industry best practices.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are compelled to express our gratitude to all suppliers and sub-contractors who have been instrumental in the success of RA Dalton this year.