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A Combination of the best – an R A Dalton/ Kingspan Collaboration.

The Klargester BioDisc – A highly versatile and efficient sewage treatment plant that often has a multitude of applications. Sizes for the BioDisc range from the BA BioDisc suitable for handling up to 6 population (single dwellings) all the way up to the BN BioDisc suitable for large commercial ventures.

In the latter part of 2019 Klargester was brought in to help a site to improve their sewage treatment set up. Calculating the site requirements based on residency, caravan plots and facilities the team offered a quotation for a new treatment plant and balance tank to handle the peak daily flow. All loading figures for their quotation were taken from the British Flows and loads code of practise (4).

The proposal was to install a Klargester NN BioDisc and 55m3 Primary balance vessel along with utilising the existing 30 year old BioDisc and pump station on site, this was with the purpose of achieving a 20:30:10 (BOD:SS:Ammonia) standard which was stipulated within the site requirements. As the system was also being installed on a site in Scotland the system had the capability of handling nitrification.

The site design was constructed to handle 49 permanent residential homes, 77 holiday caravans and an onsite bar for residential use only.

The Klargester NN BioDisc.

Working in conjunction with the Klargester representative one of our contracts managers attended site to provide a quotation to install the new tanks and carry out some remedial works to ensure a complete overhaul for the site’s setup.

The initial phase of the works was to carry out the remedial works to the pump station which included pulling the pumps and carrying out a comprehensive mechanical service, check the floats and alarm facilities, check the non-return valves for any wear and tear and make any adjustments required.

Within this works we also made some modifications to the old brick built chamber to improve safety on site and adjust incoming pipework to gravity flow to reduce the pumping flow.

Flow recirculation and improved nitrification.

Once the above works was completed the next phase of the works was where the fun began!

The installation of the Klargester NN BioDisc is always an interesting job and makes for some rather impressive photographs! When you size our van (long wheelbase Vauxhall Movano) against the size of the excavation you can truly appreciate the manufacturing marvel that this sewage treatment plant is!

Weighing in excess of 5.75 ton, a massive 13.1m, 2.6m wide and almost 3m deep it was no surprise that we needed large machines to complete the works. For stability and ease of movement 2 no. 21 ton Excavators were utilised to offload the vessel and lower into the excavation.

55m3 Primary balancing tank.

The eventual set up on site was where the raw sewage was received by the existing pump station before flowing to the new 55m3 Primary balancing tank, the flow then passed through to the NN BioDisc before eventually being received by the old BioDisc system this is all before the waste is recirculated through the process.

The purpose of the Primary balancing tank is to provide more holding capacity and split the flow being received directly by the BioDisc, within this 55m3 tank we installed an airlift which provides aeration to the bottom of the tank increasing the circulation and allowing for sufficient amounts of waste to be transferred to the BioDisc to enable the right level of treatment.

Commissioning and completion of the works.

Upon completion of the installation of both vessels the R A Dalton installations department handed the book to our servicing team to arrange for the an engineer to attend site, set up and commission the new BioDisc, install the airlift and check the flow and alarm facilities.

Here at R A Dalton we work with the best to bring the best possible design for each site requirements, no matter whether it is to serve a 2 bedroom cottage or a large caravan site nothing is out of the question.  Contact our offices on 01388 537030 for more information.

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