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Commercial calculations and installation of a Klargester BE BioDisc

When ultimately deciding which package sewage treatment plant to install to suit a commercial application there are a number of different elements that need to be considered. The first thing to do is to calculate the size of system required.

Unlike domestic sewage treatment plants which are based of a population count of the property/properties affected, a commercial sewage treatment plant requires more details to be compiled to ascertain the daily peak flow.

This calculated on the number of individuals likely to be using the system, for example we have recently carried out an installation for a rural school and to design the system appropriately we needed the following information:

  • Number of Day staff
  • Number of Part time staff (4 hour shifts)
  • Number of students (non-residential) with canteen.

Using a Klargester accredited installer

One of the many perks of using a Klargester accredited installer is that we work closely with the Kingspan team to ensure that the correct system is installed to suit every individual application. After discussions with the Klargester sales team and once the flows and loads had been calculated it was identified that the system recommended to suit the school was a Klargester BE BioDisc package sewage treatment plant.

Another bonus to using an accredited installer is that if the system isĀ  appropriately installed then commissioned and serviced by an accredited body then the system will be eligible for an extended warranty of 3 years (Please note other criteria must be met to meet the requirements of the extended warranty).

The Klargester BE BioDiscĀ 

Alike the domestic BioDisc package sewage treatment plant the commercial units have undergone rigorous testing and further tests have been carried out to ensure they go above being merely ‘fit for purpose’.

Subsequently the stricter testing regime has meant the larger BioDisc come with a comprehensive list of certifications and benefits:

  • The operation design and treatment effectiveness has been tested in accordance with BS EN12255 which applies to systems 50 PE and over.
  • These units are independently tested to BS EN13725 standards for odourless operation (more details on this testing can be found on the Commercial BioDisc brochure which is available upon request).
  • Low running costs means that you could see your running costs reduce significantly compared to the aeration comparison.
  • Minimal noise is made during standard operation and is equivalent to the frequency of a modern refrigerator.
  • These RBC units are highly adaptable to suit multiple applications and multiple systems can be installed on the same treatment line if required by site.

Winter installations and their complications.

Winter time is never the most friendly for our installation teams and December 2022 proved to be no better!

To try and fit in with school holidays and to limit any disruption when the system was being swapped over we were asked if the installation could take place once the students had broken up for the Christmas holidays. Careful and stringent planning was put into place to ensure that the system would be installed whilst site had minimal traffic.

However, best laid plans and all that!

Once our team had been mobilised to start works we hit one of the coldest spells we have had in a while, and whilst the crisp winter mornings allowed for some scenic photography they were not favourable for concrete plants! Many companies were unable to supply concrete due to being completely frozen over.

However, working alongside a local firm who went the extra mile to supply us concrete from a considerably further away plant, it was sods law that the following week when more concrete was on the ground decided to thaw at a rapid rate. This turned site from frosty, solid ground to a swamp making it more difficult to minimalise ground disturbance from heavy machinery tracking over the ground.

Never the less and to go the extra mile to complete the required works, our installation grafted all the way up to the last day of the working year, collection of machinery and site equipment was carefully co-ordinated to ensure that the school could re-open with out hitch in January 2023.

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