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COVID-19 – “Don’t rush to flush”

Here at R A Dalton we offer a service second to none and the bread and butter of our work is the routine maintenance customers, at present we have a fleet of servicing engineers operating out of two locations and covering the majority of the UK.

With our wide range of knowledge and experience in the industry for both office based and external staff we pride ourselves on educating as many people as we can about the dangers of putting the wrong things into our wastewater system.

The Coronavirus – A mass panic and shortage of toilet paper.

With the mass panic that is sweeping the UK at the moment and the widespread shortage of toilet paper through panic buying we have noticed that many people are turning to purchasing wet wipes and kitchen roll as an alternative… Please, please, please do not flush these down your toilet.

Even if they are marked as flushable these do not degrade at a level required to be suitable for your wastewater system/ mains drains. Wet wipes are one of the biggest nuisances when it comes to pump failures and blockages, using these can be a rather costly affair and could end up leaving you without services should any quarantines be put in place.

Cleanliness to the extreme.

Another thing to note – especially for those with a package sewage treatment system is that these tanks are not designed to have a large quantity of cleaning agents and chemicals flushed into their system. As all wastewater systems use bacterium to treat the sewage a large quantity of anything like Bleach can disrupt the process and kill off the bacteria used to achieve the necessary effluent quality.

Now, we appreciate that Corona Virus is a serious matter and it is understandable that many people will be stepping up their game in regards to keeping things sterile but we do ask that if you could limit this to the necessary requirements and not to go overboard as it can take months for the bacterium to grow back to the required amount.

How we are handling the outbreak.

Until further notice R A Dalton will be open for Business as usual and until such a point where it is deemed necessary for our services to be halted we will be carrying on with our servicing and installation works.

We do however have another request that if we should be due to go to your property/ site and you are experiencing any symptoms or are in self-isolation/ have recently been in self-isolation please let us know so we can re-arrange. As our engineers cover multiple sites over the course of the day we do not want to be a contributing factor to spreading the virus further or even risking our engineer’s health.

All of our engineers are acting with due care and diligence, all of our vans are stocked with antibacterial wipes/ hand gel and gloves. Regardless of this we do not want to take any risks and are taking this extremely seriously when it comes to biosecurity.

Should anything change in regards to this we will provide an update on our website and our social media.

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