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Going with the flow – connection to mains sewer

Pursuing a connection to mains sewer for your site can easily seem like a daunting task with a wide variety of items that need to be taken into consideration. The forms alone can be complex filled with an array of technical questions that must be answered accurately to allow for the appropriate permissions to be attained.

In turn this means that prior to any application being submitted a clear and concise scope of work needs to be determined including the proposed connection point. This means that a lot of pre-planning is carried out in order to ensure that the water authority receive all the necessary information to speed the installation process up.

Pre-planning of your connection to mains sewer

When first looking at any connection to mains sewer project it is important to compile the following information:

  • Expected daily flow from the site.
  • Pump station specification including capacity and storage.
  • Distance required to be pumped.
  • Static lift over the distance.
  • Sewer plans to identify closest connection point.

Once the Water authority is happy that they have received sufficient information from the application, they will then outline certain criteria that needs to be met in relation to the connection. This can be the mode of connection, pipework required to be use or even the size of demarcation chamber required.

Streetworks – Working within the highway.

As with a lot of connection to mains sewer jobs we undertake there is often an element of work that needs to be carried out in the highway, this scope requires other licenses to be applied for and this is varies from site to site.

This site along the Yorkshire coast did have an array of different elements that needed to be accounted for an as a result we were required to apply for a Section 50, Footpath Closure and parking suspension which needed to be approved before the installation could begin.

Careful scheduling is required on this phase to ensure that there is sufficient time to undertake the task with minimal disruption to the residents. As a priority we aim to keep the locals up to date with the works being undertaken and the works are advertised on the local council website and also letters send to the residents that may be affected so they are aware of our scope of work.

Installation of the package pump station.

The new Klargester package pump station was designed to suit the specifications set out by site, all of our installations are carried out in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and installed in a full concrete surround.

It is vital to ensure that the correct encasement is used for any type of system (Septic tank, sewage treatment plant, pump station etc) as a concrete surround will protect the structural integrity of the system from being affected by ground pressure.

The crude waste from the pump station would then travel approximately 240 metres via 63mm Black MDPE pipework, the majority of this was manually excavated within private land to minimise disruption and also unnecessary additional costs for relaying of tarmac.

The rising main from the package pump station then terminated in a suitable concrete ring constructed demarcation chamber, the pipework then flowed under gravity toward the connection point which was carried out as per the Water authority’s specification.

All works within the highway were reinstated to the necessary standard including compaction of the Type 1 MOT subbase before laying the tarmac within the area and sealing with bitumen overbanding. Any works carried out within the verge and site were reinstated to a tidy machine finish with the previously uplifted turf being replaced where possible to return the installation to a similar visual appearance.

If you have a similar project on the horizon, why not give us a call on 01388 537030 for more information on the services we can provide.

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