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Is it a myth or just legendary? The Journey to Loch Ness with the Klargester NM BioDiscs.

Whether you believe in the story of The Loch Ness monster or not, you have to agree there is a certain air of mystery surrounding Loch Ness, the gorgeous scenery is an eye to behold and the second largest Loch in Scotland provides the perfect holiday destination for many tourist desperate to be the next person to spot the legendary Nessie.

With tourism, the requirement for accommodation is a vital element for bringing in essential revenue to such areas. Naturally along the perimeter of the Loch there is no such this as a main sewer. Therefore, a suitable, environmentally friendly Sewage treatment plant set up was required.

We were invited to tender to install an upgraded wastewater system alongside a number of renovation works the customer was undertaking at the hotel. Subsequently a number of new tanks were identified under the scope of works.

A monumental Klargester installation.

To handle the popularity of this loch-side location, the configuration for the installation was carefully co-ordinated with different systems playing a vital part to the efficiency of the treatment process.

To decide which systems would be best suited to the application, we have to look at the size of the site, population requirements and waste type.

Firstly, due to the busy kitchen on site we proposed to install a new Klargester NSG09 Grease separator to separate the harmful FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) from entering the wastewater treatment process. Failure to do this can cause major mechanical and operational problems further down the line.

The grease trap was also to be relocated to a more sensorially pleasant location, where the existing separator had been located there was some rather unpleasant smells that came along with the emptying!

The foul drainage was to be pumped using a Klargester PSTOR24-04 Pump station located to the front elevation to of the hotel, along the western side and into the new Primary Balance tank. Within this tank we installed an airlift to recirculate the waste and then to distribute this between the two new sewage treatment plants.

The Klargester BN BioDisc.

Lastly, but certainly not least, was the 2 no. Klargester NM BioDisc package sewage treatment plants! You will have frequently seen us mention our love for the domestic BioDisc and this does not change for the larger systems. The NM BioDisc is the second biggest system Klargester currently manufacture and these offer all the associated bells and whistles the smaller systems have.

Not only do these large commercial Klargesters boast an impressive standard of effluent quality, but they also have the added option to be able to adjust the phosphorus levels in the water with nitrification. This is often a requirement set out for Scottish installations (and some English/ Welsh sites too!)

At the end of the day, we must do everything we can to keep Nessie Happy!

One of the other elements to the installation was to separate the rainwater as sewage treatment plants and septic tanks are not designed to handle the volume of water that can sometimes be associated with a heavy downpour (We all know how likely this can be in Scotland). This can, not only overload the systems, but also damage the healthy bacteria used to treat the waste.

Installation in the Scottish Highlands.

On Monday 12th April our installation team of 4 set off on their journey up to the Scottish Highlands to commence work, a variety of different of equipment was required to facilitate these works varying from 20 ton Excavators and 6 ton Dumpers right the way to the little 1.5 ton Excavators and High tip dumpers.

Due to the remote location, we were heavily reliant on precise co-ordination of materials, this meant working closely with local contractors and a considerable amount of preplanning to avoid an unnecessary delays. Materials we used on the job included:

  • Over 100 ton of Type 1 MOT.
  • Approximately 50 ton of 10mm Pipe bedding.
  • Over 158m of Concrete

Subsequently there was a considerable amount of spoil that required to be removed from site, this was surplus of 20 wagon loads which gives an indication of the scale of the systems installed.

Over a number of weeks our installation team travelled to stay up in inverness to complete the job, without the dedication of our teams this job could have easily took so much longer.

If you are interested in a company to cover all elements of your wastewater installation, no matter whether it be domestic or commercial please don’t not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly installation team who can get one of our contracts managers to give you a call.

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