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Toilet coating to save water

Researchers at America’s Penn State University have found a way to dramatically cut the water use of the average toilet, by making the pan super-slippery. This means much less water is needed to flush them and dislodge anything sitting in the bowl. The new treatment, which can be applied to existing as well as new toilets, comprises two layers.

The first causes lots of tiny hairs, called nano-hairs, to grow on the bowl like 5 o’clock shadow. These nano-hairs are strongly hydrophobic- they repel water. But to make the bowl even more slippery, a second silicone-based layer is added on top, which should make skid marks impossible, as Adam Murphy heard from the product’s creator Tak-Sing Wong, starting with the nano-hair layer.

Tak-Sing- The nanohair is about one nanometre thick. So you’re talking about… it’s about a hundred thousand times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. And the way we put this coating on is simply by spray coating. You spray the first part of the coating, which forms the nanohair that is permanently bonded to the toilet surface, and then the second part is spraying a lubricant, and then that completes the process. The whole process only takes within five minutes and you can do it at room temperature.

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