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What to expect when expecting a Sewage treatment plant installation

An undoubtedly daunting process: not only does having a new septic tank/ sewage treatment plant installed have a considerable cost implication but also there are some other factors that need to be considered as part of the groundworks process and also for the ongoing operation.

Prior to the commencement of any work on site having a clear understanding of what is involved within the installation process can help ease any feeling of uncertainty. For this to happen a clear scope of work needs to be identified, variations to this can alter implications of the new install.

Here at R A Dalton, as part of standard procedure one of our contracts managers attend site prior to the quotation stage which allows us to build our quotation based on what is on site and what individual requirements the site may need. As with any kind of groundworks there is an element of the unknown which cannot always be accounted for (obscure ground conditions etc.).

A decisive scope of works

During the initial site meeting our contracts managers will compile a proposal based on the existing site set up and what is required in order for the new installation meet all the relevant rules, regulations and guidelines.

Our end goal with any installation is always to provide a cost-effective solution which provides longevity and peace of mind to the proprietor of the system.

The new proposal will be based off a combination of the existing and what rectification works need to be undertaken in order for the site to be fully compliant, for this to be clear the existing unit needs to be inspected and criteria checked to determine what needs to be done.

In certain circumstances the unit will merely need to be replace with a like for like system and it will only require minor modification works to divert the pipework to the new installation location. However equally there are a number of sites that require a lot of the existing inlet and outlet pipework to be replaced, this could be due to compliance/ operational failure or surface water cross contamination.

Equally the majority of our installations will require the new tank to be installed in a new location however certain circumstances (e.g. lack of space or suitable new location) may require an installation in the same location – this in itself has an number of implications.

Impact on day-to-day life during the install

Whilst the works are being undertaken there are number of things that you may need to consider as a proprietor.

Firstly during the course of the works and no matter what you are having installed there will be an element of groundworks being carried out and with this comes the requirement for machinery and materials to be able to access the working area. A standard single dwelling installation of a new tank will require at least a 5 ton Excavator to carry out the work, most jobs will also require either a 1 ton High tip dumper or 3 ton Dumper.

For safe operation it is vital that the working area is kept clear at all times with access available at all times for any material movement. For some sites access will be through driveways,  up narrow lanes, into fields/gardens where fences or walls need to be removed and it is imperative that at all times this does not impede the works.

An efficient wastewater specialist will limit any downtime within the property in relation to services and with a standard installation in a new area you will only be unable to use the facilities during the final connection process. However, for instances where the new unit needs to be installed in the same location there will be considerably more down time as during the removal and new installation period there will be nowhere for the waste to go.

The visual impact 

The short term visual impact from the installation is often dependent on the weather at the time of the works, when there is little to no rain whilst you will undoubtedly know that heavy plant machinery has been in the working area the area can generally be reinstated to a high machine standard. Whereas if the weather has been less than favourable then it is subsequently harder to mask the presence of the machinery and chances are that further landscaping works may be required following the completion of the installation.

The longer term aesthetic effect of a treatment plant installation can include but are not limited to:

  • Dependent on the selected unit the lid of the unit will have an element of visibility, this must be kept clear and easily accessible for future maintenance.
  • All systems require at least an inlet and an outlet manhole for inspection purposes which like the lid to the unit must be kept accessible in the case of blockages or CCTV requirements. Unlike some of the tank lids the manhole covers are usually at ground level.
  • Aeration sewage treatment plants predominantly have an external blower unit that need to be sited in close proximity to the system itself.
  • Most units come with some kinds of visual/ audible alarms to alert property owners to any issues, this is usually clearly visible from the property itself.
  • For our installations once the new system has been installed we would arrange for the old unit to be emptied, decommission, infilled with a granular material to avoid any potential future settlement and overlaid with excavated spoil.

Understanding what the entirety of the proposal will look like can sometimes be hard to conceptualise until the actual installation has taken place but in the instance where there is any question on what this could look like we have numerous photos from previous installations that we can use to show you what to expect when you are expecting your new installation!

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