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Adios 2020 – Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


What a year.

And not for any reason any of us anticipated. Whilst the entire world has been thrown a curve ball of monumental proportions, we have all been forced to adapt and re-shape the way we operate our day to day lives.

Whilst most of us will be happy enough to see the end of this year, we often take this time to look back and reflect upon what has been achieved. Even under testing circumstance we have still met many new faces (socially distanced of course!), expanded our customer and supplier base and continued to operate as close to normal as possible.

Even with the bizarre year we have experienced we have still managed to carry out over 300 new installations (varying from connections to mains sewer to Sewage treatment plants, Pump stations etc), over 1,500 site visits have been carried out by our contracts managers to provide Septic tank compliance checks and new quotations.

We have also welcome surplus of 400 new Servicing customers all across the UK and carried out Electrical and mechanical servicing for 4000+ Sewage treatment plants, pump stations, separators, and Rainwater Harvesters.

On top of this we have also arranged for over 2 million gallons of sewage to be removed over the course of the year.

Our Highlights.

No matter the current situation we have without a doubt had highlights of the year and the biggest thing for us as a company is customer satisfaction. Here is just a snippet of some of the feedback we’ve had over the year:

“I wish to place on record my appreciation for their excellent standard of workmanship.”

“Complete customer satisfaction. Very Professional – Well done!”

“Everyone at R A Dalton has been Helpful, courteous and professional and I can highly recommend them.”

“I would like to thank all the team from start to finish, during my initial enquiries, survey and testing and installation of the new sewage treatment plant.”

“I would highly recommend R A Dalton to anyone requiring a Sewage treatment plant.”

Our Christmas shut down.

From 1pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 our offices will be on their Christmas shutdown until 8 AM on Monday 4th January 2021. However, in an emergency please do not worry – our emergency contact numbers are listed on our Voicemail if you ring 01388 537030.

However, if you do have an issue with your treatment plant over this festive season if you could carry out the following checks to enable us to assist you in the best way possible and determine the level of urgency:

  • Is your sewage treatment system on? If the appears to be no power to the unit this could potentially mean the issue is not necessarily with the system but could be the supply; the system may have just experienced a power cut or the pump/blower may have tripped the system. If this is the case we would recommend trying to reset the system and if the problem still continues give us a call.
  • If the above does not apply and the system has a green Klargester Control panel here is a quick guide:
Code Fault Our Suggestion
F1 No Power to the unit. As the above, if the system is pumped this will need an engineer’s attendance as soon as possible, if it is a gravity flow tank there is no major emergency – if you report it to ourselves we will arrange for an engineer to attend.
F2 Blower Failure If this fault code is showing the best thing to do is check to see if the blower is still operating, if it is not please report this to ourselves and we will aim to look at this over the next few days. If the blower appears to be working fine, try resetting the control panel.
F3 High level alarm When F3 is showing on your panel the best thing to do is lift the lid of the tank, if the levels are visibly high you will need to report this to us immediately. Please bear in mind that these systems run to a full working level so it is only a concern if it is above the level (above the outlet pipe). If the levels do not appear high this may be showing due to a stuck float which can easily be put back in place by using a handy stick to giving it a wiggle! After doing this if you keep an eye on the system you should see the levels start dropping – if the problem persists please give us a t
F4 The Fuse to the blower/ motor has failed. This is not one we consider to require urgent attention, please do report this and we can arrange for this to be resolved before it becomes a major issue.
F5 The Fuse to the discharge pump (where fitted) had failed. *This only applies to systems fitted with a pump. If you check to see if the pump is working, if it is not please ring and let us know the issue you are experiencing and we will arrange for an engineer to attend ASAP.
F6 The fuse to the chemical dosing pump has failed. Non-Urgent.
F7 The fuse to the recirculation pump has failed. Non-Urgent.
F8 The loss of rotation alarm has been activated. If you check under the lid of the tank and see if it is visibly rotating. If not check there is a supply to the unit – if there supply is there but the motor not working/ unit not turning please give us a call.
The System has a fault which has now corrected itself. This is fine to leave until your next service visit or you can reset the control panel.
  • If you’re getting sewage backing up through your lines it will be best to check each manhole and the tank as there may be a blockage in your lines, if it is not backing up from the tank itself a jetting company may be your best bet.
  • If the pump/ motor keeps causing your electricity to trip it is best to ring in and we can arrange for someone to either talk you through some things to try or arrange for someone to attend to take a look.
  • Weather related issues – these are often the hardest to deal with, more often than not these are not something we can do much about until a change in conditions (i.e. if you experience a flood there isn’t a great deal we can do until the waters have receded).

We would all like to take this opportunity to thank both our Customer and Suppliers for everything this year and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopeful for a better New Year!

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