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‘It’s like Grease lightening a story of a fast paced action packed installation’

Grease management.

Something that is often sadly overlooked on many commercial sites, and people often underestimated the negative effect grease can have on the operation of a treatment plant. For one site in particular near Penrith it was determined that the existing grease management system was not quite up to scratch.

Looking at the layout of the site, sizing requirements and installation location we recommended that a Klargester 6,000 Litre NSG14 was installed to suit the site requirements. The new separator was to be installed 2m past an existing foul manhole received both toilet and kitchen effluent.

Due to installation depth, additional necks were also required to bring the installation up to ground level.

The Klargester NSG14 grease separator.

The Kingspan Klargester grease separator are usually specified on how many meals per day/ daily flow. There are also variations in the type of food/ grease that can cause deviations into the amount of covers the separator is designed to handle.

The grease separator has a vital job to perform, these systems allow the grease and fat to naturally separate from the incoming wastewater flow and preventing the potentially damaging FOGs from entering the septic tank/ sewage treatment plant/ mains sewer.

Installing a grease separator not only ensures your wastewater system can operate more efficiently but also the chances of blockages occurring are reduced. The risks of letting any large quantities of grease into your sewage system far outweigh the cost implications of having a correctly size and regularly emptied grease separator installed.

Prevention is the best defence.

The grease separator for this food production facility was installed close to the building location, these systems need to be installed prior to any sewage treatment plant/ septic tank or mains drains. All grease traps need frequent emptying and this is entirely dependent on size and usage.

The sizing of any grease management should be calculated by an experienced industry professional as with the wrong calculations the results can be costly and certainly not pretty!

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