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Klargester accredited installers and why to use them.

If you have found yourself on our website, you may have been looking at the installation of a new wastewater system such as a Klargester septic tank or package sewage treatment plant, whilst many companies promote that they cover servicing and installation of Klargester systems that does not necessarily mean that they are an accredited installer and service provider.

As a world wide leader for the manufacture of a variety of wastewater systems, Klargester is often one of the first port of calls when looking at what system is best suited for your property. Knowing where to start on making the final decision for what to use can make your project a smoother process with favourable results.

Septic tanks, Sewage treatment plants, and cess pools.

For some sites the options are endless, whereas for others you may be governed and directed by rules, regulations and practicalities. As a Klargester accredited installer we are specialists in designing your wastewater setup and specifying the correct system to suit your project.

For domestic applications the most common wastewater systems from Klargester are the following:

Klargester BioDisc package sewage treatment plant

Klargester BTA BioTec package sewage treatment plant

Klargester Bioficient package sewage treatment plant

Klargester L range BioTec package sewage treatment plant

Klargester Alpha Septic tank

Klargester Sigma Septic tank

Klargester Gamma Septic tank

Each of these systems have their own designated application, the sewage treatment plants are BS EN-12566-3 certified and can legally outfall to both a watercourse and to ground under the General binding rules 2020 whereas the Septic tanks require a suitable form of secondary treatment such as a drainage field installed to BS 6297:2007 standards.

Where no outfall location can be found a cesspool may be your only option, however these are less than desirable for most applications due to the frequent requirement to empty.

2020 General Binding Rules

As wastewater specialists our first goal is to ensure that your system is both operational and fully compliant with all applicable rules, regulations and permits. Having the knowledge to appropriately design your entire set up is vital and should always be entrusted to those with appropriate industry knowledge.

There are a number of issues that can occur if your new sewage treatment plant is not installed properly, this can include but is not limited to:

  • Tank popping out of the ground or caving in due to inappropriate or lack of suitable surround, we always install our systems in a full concrete surround as a defence against ground pressure and high water table.
  • Use of incorrect pipework – this is a lot more common than you would imagine and we have even been on sites where air hose had been used instead of the correct MDPE rising main pipework. Blue MDPE is often also used in place of the black.
  • Poorly installed drainage – this can be everything from the incorrect levels causing backing up, poor ground conditions for the drainage field or even no surround on the pipework at all!
  • System not being commissioned by a competent engineer (applicable only to sewage treatment plants) – if a system is not set up and commissioned correctly then they may not be achieving the required operational quality to be able to comply with the 2020 General Binding Rules.

The Full Klargester package installation.

Here at R A Dalton we offer a comprehensive and thorough package from start to end of your project, from the moment our contracts manager sets foot on site we can manage everything in relation to your new sewage treatment plant. Even after the installation is complete, we can also assist with your routine servicing, maintenance and emptying.

Even the dreaded call outs and warranty claims are handled by our in-house team, should you have any issues post-installation you can rest assured that we will be able to assist you in getting back up and running in a timely manner!

It is the responsibility of any septic tank/ sewage treatment plant proprietor to ensure that your system is operating efficiently and not causing any pollution. If this is found to not be the case, you may be liable to fines from the Environment Agency due to negligence of your responsibilities.

The new extended warranty.

Above and beyond the peace of mind that you receive when using a Klargester accredited installer there are also other benefits from choosing us to install your new sewage treatment plant. Klargester recently introduced an incentive for those who chose to have an accredited installer install, commission and service your new sewage treatment plant (only applies to sewage treatment systems) whereby they can be eligible for an extended warranty providing all the conditions are met.

Once your installation is complete you don’t have to worry about filling in any comprehensive forms or struggling to register your system, we handle all of this on your behalf and all you will need to do when you have an issue on site is give us a call. Yes, it’s that easy.

Here at R A Dalton we know the Klargester systems inside and out, our servicing engineers carry stock of the most common consumable and mechanical parts meaning they can assist in keeping your system operating correctly.

For more information on the services we can provide as an accredited installer or to get more information on the extended warranty why no give us a call on 01388 537030.

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