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Product review: The Klargester NSG Grease separator.

So… Lets talk grease!

An unfortunate and natural by-product of the restaurant/ hotel/ takeaway industry, FOGs (Fats, Oils and Grease) are potentially detrimental to the efficient function of on-site and off-site drainage. Where FOGs are becoming an issue, a site may need to look into having a grease separator installed. Some smaller kitchens have internal grease traps fitted however these are not always the ideal solution.

With this in mind we present to you the Klargester NSG separator.

These systems come in a variety of different sizes and are selected dependant on the flow rate from site, amount of expected restaurant covers and the type of meals served. Having this information on hand can help easily determine what size unit you require.

What is a Klargester NSG Grease separator?

The Klargester grease separator is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin! The installation of this unit should be at least 10 metres away from the heat source but before any foul water connections. The NSG allows the fats and grease to filter out from water prior to outfall into the wastewater system.

This separator is compliant with the BS EN 1825-1 legislation which regulates the design, performance and testing of the industry grease separators.

The expected waste the grease separator will receive is from pot washing facilities, dishwashers and any kitchen sinks, it is outlined within the Owner and Maintenance manual that:

‘Waste disposal units must not be connected to the unit. Waste fats from fryers must not be disposed of into the unit. Mineral oils must not be discharged into the unit. Organic wastes from toilets and staff wash rooms must not be connected. Surface water drains must not be connected.’

Why should we install a Grease trap.

Grease is now fast approaching the second biggest cause of blockages above wet wipes, in large quantities FOGs can become a major issue, in 2017 a 130-ton blockage was discovered in London which was dubbed ‘The Fatberg’ the length of this monster was over 250 metres long and it took many months to rectify.  It is becoming more common that the mains sewers are experiencing these blockages and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not contributing to this issue.

But it is not just the sewer network that is experiencing the issue, grease entering your off mains system can also have an unfavourable effect as they can stop your septic tank and sewage treatment plant operating efficiently. If you have an RBC sewage treatment plant installed such as a Klargester BioDisc, allowing too much grease to enter the system can make it harder work for the discs to turn, putting more pressure on the mechanical parts, not to mention that on any biological system the FOGs can smother the bacteria that is essential to treat the waste.

This can affect the efficiency of your treatment plant and possibly raise concerns that effect quality will not be achieved.

If you think you may need a grease trap installing or looking for some more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01388 537030.

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