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Product review – The Klargester package pump station

When you have received a quotation from ourselves and we have costed for the supply and installation of a Klargester package pump station you can rest assured that we have got you covered! There are a number of applications in which a pump station may be required and Klargester have the box ticked for most of them!

As wastewater experts and Klargester accredited installers we regularly work alongside the specialist pump station teams at Kingspan Klargester to ensure the unit installed is the best available for the site. Each pump station can be designed to handle water, sewage and effluent.

Product specification.

First and foremost it is vital to ensure that the correct unit has been selected for the intended use, for this to be done the following details must be comprehensive and accurate, any deviances could potentially cause major issues!

Information that should be compiled includes:

  • What kind of waste (Sewage, water, effluent).
  • Where the waste is coming from (domestic property, commercial unit, care home, restaurant etc).
  • Distance; how far the waste need to be pumped.
  • Lift; the difference between the existing inlet invert and the desired outfall height.
  • Where the outfall location is and what it is to.
  • Expected flow volume/ storage capacity required.
  • What power supply is available on site (Single phase or Three Phase).
  • What is already on site (i.e. pipework sizes, any other units etc).

Domestic and commercial applications have very different criteria on what is required and Klargester have a wide scope of units that can suit. A lot of the above information can be compiled during a site visit however other details do need to be provided by the customer to ensure the right unit is chosen.

All Klargester pump stations are manufactured under BS ISO 9001:2000 and HS ISO 18001 quality procedures and are built to BS EN752 specification to be compliant with all guidance and regulations.

The Klargester compact pump station.

These units are the smallest Klargester have to offer with the 200-litre pump station being a mere 610mm diameter and 700mm deep and the 400-litre unit not being much bigger at 560mm diameter x 1650mm deep. This makes these systems ideal when the flow rate is minimal such as house extensions, external WCs, small amounts of surface water and generally those other pesky areas where gravity fall can’t quite be achieved!

These units can be used for effluent or sewage (available with effluent low head, effluent high head and sewage vortex pumps) and their small size means they are ideal to install with minimal disruption and negligible space required. However, unlike the other larger units these units are only available as a single pump chamber (for pretty obvious reasons!).

The Klargester domestic and domestic+ pump stations.

Ideal for most domestic situations, these units are available as both single and twin pump stations and have the benefit of being more adaptable than the compact unit. The standard domestic pump station is a 900mm diameter GRP construction and is available in either 2080mm deep (1,250 litre capacity) and 2580mm deep (1,600 litre capacity).

Alternatively, the Domestic+ unit is of a polyethylene construction and offers a slightly larger storage capacity and as such are a slightly larger unit; the 1 metre diameter casing is available in both 2m deep and 2.5m deep meaning a capacity of 1,450 litres and 2,200 litres respectively.

Both units are constructed to guarantee durability providing the units are installed and serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. These units have easy access for maintenance and providing they have been sized accordingly can offer 24 hour storage as a safeguarding procedure in the case of a pump failure as the gives you a window to be able to fix the issue before the area starts to flood.

The Klargester vertical pump stations.

The Klargester vertical pump station is probably one of the most common units we install on commercial sites where gravity outfall cannot be achieved, there are three main unit diameters – 1,250mm diameter, 1.8m diameter and 2.6m diameter all complete with a range of different invert depths.

These units can offer a storage capacity of up to 22,000 litres and as a standard come with a high level alarm and control panel. A wide range of pumps can be selected to suit the waste type inclusive of macerators and vortex pumps. Optional extras can also be made available such as a kiosk to house the electrical equipment if there is no other suitable place on site or a Smart Serve remote monitoring system which can alert you and your service provider to any disruptions identified at the system.

The vertical pump station can also be installed alongside additional storage tanks to add further emergency overflow if the required storage cannot be achieved in one unit.

The Klargester horizontal pumping station.

The Horizontal units are considerably larger than their counterparts and is the perfect option for sites requiring between 18m3 and 79m3 storage in one standalone installation. One of the perks of the horizontal unit is that during a power failure the horizontal unit will separate the liquids and solids into separate chambers with a storage capability of 24 hours. Providing the power is restored within this time frame the chances of requiring an engineer to attend is reduced.

Another perk of the unit is that as the unit is 2.82m diameter over the ribs of the casing with only the length being the variation this means a shallower install can be achieved. However these units are still a sizeable piece of kit with the longest of the units being a PSTOR24-13 which is a staggering 15.8 metres long!

Made to order installations and the pump station to suit.

We know better than anyone that one size doesn’t always fit all and the beauty of working alongside a Klargester accredited installer is that the system and wastewater setup can be designed to suit your individual site. Even if this means a special MTO (Made to order) unit, even pipework depths and orientations can be adapted to suit.

Having one of our contracts managers attend site to look at the scope of works can help identify if any adaptations may be required and as such the site design can be modified to ensure a compliant and efficient wastewater setup.

Understandably the bigger the unit the move complex the design procedure may be and subsequently the more important it is that a specialist is brought in to help confirm what you need! For more information why not give us a call on 01388 537030.

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